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Exclusive Member Savings at Local Restaurants & More!

Exclusive Member Savings at Local Restaurants & More!

Gain access to our local membership network that provides thousands of dollars in everyday meaningful savings and discounts.


Save 50% on your Felyx Pass with our Summer Special! For only $60 $30, gain access to this exclusive network of discounts. Supplies are limited – act fast!

Ongoing Local Discounts

Felyx is not your ordinary pass. 

The Felyx Pass is loaded with thousands of dollars worth of discounts, giveaways, exclusive offers, and freebies all in the palm of your hand. Our one-stop shop digital directory continues to offer new exclusive deals every month to your favorite places.

Local Merchants

Hundreds of local businesses including dinning, shopping, retail, home services, entertainment and more.​

Digital Directory

No need for a physical card. Our digital directory can be accessed easily from you mobile device.​


Always be up to date with the latest local deals. Our geo-mapping locates the best local deals closest to home.

made exclusively for you.

Felyx Member Benefits

Mobile Web App

Felyx's mobile web app allows you to access to the best local deals nearby, share with friends and family, and earn rewards.

Ongoing Local Discounts and Savings

Felyx directory continues to grow daily with the best local deals around. From BOGOs, Freebies, to 50% off, our ongoing discounts are available right at your finger tips monthly.

Customized Referral Program

Every pass holder is automatically enrolled in our easy to use referral program. You simply copy and paste your custom link to share with friends and family.

Earn Rewards

Earn rewards every time you refer to a friend and they sign up. Our rewards program is easily traceable and is done in real-time.

Personalized Digital
Membership Card

Every pass holder has there very own personalized digital membership card.

Giving Back

Felyx is committed to giving back. Proceeds from every pass purchased go to help support local schools, non-profits, youth teams and charities. ​

Why Felyx Pass?

One small price that can be monthly or paid once annually for a discount.

Our deals are exclusive and very good unlike the typical coupons

When you purchase Felyx, you are gaining access to an exclusive membership platform that can save you thousands of dollars and you are helping to support the local community.

Most of the deals can be used once a month

No more paper coupons to clip and save. Felyx is digital and with you all the time

We add new deals monthly that all members get instant access too

Bogos, Freebies, 50% off, and more!

Featured Partners & Deals

The Felyx Pass gives you access to thousands of dollars in yearly savings!

Now that’s a lot of savings no amount of paper coupons can give!

The Felyx Pass is a convenient way to access our digital library loaded with awesome freebies and discounts worth thousands of dollars in yearly savings.

Save thousands of dollars with Felyx while supporting local charities and businesses!

you're giving back

Community Initiatives

Felyx not only aims to change the lives of thousands of local customers by giving them ways to save, but we also love to give back to the community as well. Many local non-profit organizations and charities will benefit when you use your Felyx Pass. By supporting local businesses, local tax dollars remain in the community and help fund local charities. Our outreach programs aim to create impactful partnerships between our community, local businesses, and the education institutions to collaborate and work together.

Ready to unlock

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