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Felyx aims to support the nonprofit industry with innovative and cost-effective fundraising technologies. By connecting merchant offers with a charitable cause, it creates a mutual benefit for the customer, the cause, and the merchant. Felyx is the perfect option for local fundraising. 

The Felyx digital coupon directory will help you raise funds quickly and efficiently. Felyx is a great fit for nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, local youth sports teams, and local charities.

How it works

Join Felyx Fundraising Program

Joining us easy and fast. We set up your account which will include your custom referral link and your custom landing page. Once that’s created we take you through quick on boarding training.

Promote Your Link

Share your landing page and custom referral link to friends, family, and across your different social media and distribution channels.

Earn Money

Our platform is simple and effective. With our real time data tracking you will be able to monitor in time how well your fundraising efforts are going on the spot.

Benefits of being a fundraiser

Being a Felyx Fundraiser is a win-win strategy not only because it helps local organizations but because with these simple steps, you are able to earn and help others at the same time.

Competitive Commission

Our easy to use referral system allows you to passively generate fundraising dollars year and year out. It’s also eliminates having to go door to door or sell redundant products.

Easy to Share

Our directory is full of locally owned restaurants, shops, and entertainment deals. Supporting local businesses while generating fundraising dollars really brings the community together and creates a win-win environment.

Real-time Tracking

Being able to monitor and track your progress of your fundraising is is so simple with Felyx. Every time someone purchases the Felyx pass with our referral link you are updated in real time right on your member pass.